Fern Clouds – Sophie Gannon Gallery

24 May 2022 – 11th June 2022

A collection of landscape paintings studying backlit ferns on the hillsides around Ballunjui Falls (Lamington National Park), framed as individual, light filled grottos.
The works explore the tension between soft hazy fronds against their absorbingly solid, vertical trunks.
Light and the absence of light, become akin to tangible, physical objects in the context of a painted composition.
Flares of sunlight, like diamond specks between leaves and depthless, humming columns where the light cannot reach.
The light whose presence is illuminating and ethereal is the same light whose absence permits contrast and softness.
There are no beautifully backlit Fern Clouds without their shadowy trunks.
No light without the dark.


The naming structure of the works combines terms synonymous with the scientific naming structures of both ferns and clouds, combined to create these new FernCloud hybrids 🙂

For example: Cyathea Alto (High Fern)Cyathea: (Latin) – genus of Tree FernAlto: (Latin) – meaning ‘High’ –  is a category of cloud therefore, ~ Common name (High Fern)



Full Exhibition Images Here